Following on from the school’s recent communication (October 2020) regarding isolation of classes, our VP Primary took the opportunity to compile a list of questions from our parent community to send to Mme Ribic. You can see attached her replies in italic. 


Covid questions to the school:

Why self-isolate all the 13 classes across all sections? Is it a general policy that will be followed in case of isolated positive case?

For organisational reasons, we cannot isolate only some classes of one level Therefore the isolation concerns the whole level.


Why continue with mixed classes (L2, religion) during self-isolation, it seems at odds with self-isolating principle. Maybe those classes could be suspended (policy in Lux II school – copy below) or suspended at least for the pupils of L1 class of the infected pupil?

Mixed classes means that the P1 children can follow the L2 lessons or any other course that is only in the P1 level. However, there are no classes where the P1 children are mixed with children from another level. Therefore we are in the process of adapting the religious and moral lessons.


Are you implementing any extra disinfection to the affected classrooms? What about extra disinfection in the cantine?

The disinfection in the canteen is done anyway – the tables or the area used by the P1 children at 12.00 noon has not been used before.

The L2 classrooms used by several levels will be disinfected by the L2 teachers (materials and tables).

Apart from that, additional disinfection is not necessary, because we wash our hands more often and always wear the masks anyway.


Has CPE been notified by the School? Do you know what are the measures taken there?

The CPE is informed and we are also in contact. However, it is at the discretion of the CPE to make adjustments.


Have the monitors of extracurricular activities been notified? Most of the classes are mixed P1 and P2.

We are also in contact with the Periscolaire. We will receive further information in the course of the day. Again, it is the Periscolaire, not the school, that must take action.


Could a separate gate be opened for the concerned group in self-isolation, this week and every time a self-isolation scheme happens, to limit even more mixing of children from different year groups?

We will be happy to discuss this with our security officer.


Does the infected pupil have a sibling and how the self-isolating is handled in that case? (sibling stays at home?)

The parents of the infected child will receive instructions from the Ministry.


Will the contact tracing be implemented among the close contacts and in the L1 class of the infected pupil?

This question will be answered individually with the help of the Ministry’s feedback.