COVID statistics

Our school releases weekly COVID-19 statistics on their website.

The school presents very stable data (as of end October).

The last report highlights are:

  • 0 positive cases
  • 1 quarantine case
  • Very low infection rate among students particularly compared with national schools.
  • The rates of our student’s participation in the school rapid test decreases along the weeks

 APEEEL1 actions

APEEEL1 requested the school to modernise the current testing consent procedure: weekly, on paper and signed by the parents. This old-fashioned procedure is one of the causes of the lower and lower school rapid test participation.

APEEEL1 asked the school:

To move to a simplified electronic procedure using a yearly consent electronic form, like the data protection one parents authorise once per year in sms.

To take the necessary steps upon the Ministry of education to find a common solution for certification of self-tests. Teachers in public school are qualified to supervise and certify rapid COVID tests in their classrooms, contrary to our schoolteachers nowadays.


  1. Around 70 students were vaccinated at our school on 26/10/2021 as part of the Ministry of Health vaccination programme
  2. The school confirmed that it is surprising how many Secondary students keep their masks on during the lessons, even if they no longer have to wear them.