Following proposed amendments to some articles of The General Rules of the European Schools, the Board of Governors, during their meeting 6-8th December 2022, approved said amendments. APEEEL1 voiced our discontent at the changes through Interparents; but regardless of our concerns the amendments were adopted as they were. The new General Rules were published on the European schools’ website 17th January 2023 and came into force 1st January 2023.  

What do the changes mean to us ?

The amendments affect the articles 5, 14, 15, 35 and 38 and at the moment we do not fully know yet the implications for our school but the new rules take the onus of responsibility for non- pedagogical issues away from schools and onto third parties. This means issues like responsibility for the canteen and similar non pedagogical activities is now ambiguous.

According to the new article 14, there should be no changes for the commitments in force before 01 January 2023 for the current school year, however we have concerns about possible implications for the future, and we may be forced to stop providing some services if we can’t abide to the new rules.

What have we done ?

  • The APEEEL1 Management Committee unanimously approved giving a mandate to Interparents to represent APEEEL1 and lodge a common appeal procedure against this decision.
  • With the help of a lawyer, Interparents sent in January 2023 an official complaint to the Secretary General of the European Schools. APEEEL1 is ready to challenge, if possible, any implementation of the General Rules put in place by our school.

We will continue to update you on the progress of this appeal.