There are a few subjects that I regularly get asked about the canteen and I thought it would be useful to share these with you.  

Due to the current covid measures implemented at the canteen, it is very difficult for the primary pupils to go back to the counter to serve themselves again. Therefore, if the pupils want bigger portions, they should ask the canteen staff the first time they pass at the counter. Please let your children know that they are allowed to ask for bigger portions  when they pass at the counter.

Sodexo has raised the price of meals by 0,15 euro. This is because the personnel needs to work extra time in order to comply with new covid measures imposed on the canteens for Luxembourg schools. For example the trays for each child need to be prepared in advance; they need to disinfect after each child has eaten; they now need to wrap all food up that previously could be just cut in slices and served…  Moreover Sodexo often only receives the information about school closing for a week or about specific school year groups (around 200 kids) being in quarantine at the last minute, sometimes when the food is already bought.

Francesca Flego