Dear parents,

As we often receive questions about the canteen, we would like to inform you of recent developments and changes in the canteen. We hope your questions will be answered below, but if you still have further queries after reading this, please just send an email to the Apeeel1.

The European School is obliged to invite companies for tender for certain services, among which the canteen. The service call for tender for catering ended last summer and a new contract for the school canteen was signed with SODEXO. Two parents’ representatives participated in the call for tender.

Since September, the following changes and improvement were made:

1) The menu prices did not increase and the « tartiniste » service is now free of charge.

2) Concerning the menus:

• Meals calibration was changed in order to improve the balance between proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and in order to take into account the nutritional needs of children, according to their age.

• Menus must respect the principle of healthy eating and are prepared with less sugar, less fat, less salt and pepper, using only iodine salt and just certain oils.

• For the primary and kindergarten pupils, honey is used as natural sweetener.

• The service provider will serve certified local products (indicated in the menus), at least one organic product every day (indicated in the menus), seasonal and fresh products as well as thematic meals.

• Once a month the service provider will serve a 100% organic menu.

• For the primary and kindergarten pupils, pasta is served alternately every three meals. In the same way, cakes are served alternately every three meals: priority will be given instead to seasonal fruit, homemade fruit salad, compote without added sugar and dairy products.

3) There is a high number of pupils in Primary. In order for them to eat in peace in a calm and supervised environment, the following changes were introduced:

• 5 services instead of 4 for Primary pupils:

– P1 pupils eat at 12h00 in the Primary canteen building
– P2 pupils eat at 12h30 in the Primary canteen building
– P3 pupils eat at 13h00 in the Primary canteen building
– P4 pupils eat at 13h.30 in the Primary canteen building
– P5 pupils eat at 11h45 in the Secondary canteen building

• Primary pupils’ supervision will be provided by a SODEXO dedicated team (six people), as well as by four teachers and by some young volunteers among the participants in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program.

• To reduce the queue at the counters an extra service point was added at the Primary canteen.

• Sodexo will clear the tables of P1 and P2 and pupils, while P3, P4 and P5 pupils are in charge of bringing their own trays to the tray racks.

• Some acoustic insulation layouts will be installed in the Primary canteen in January 2019.

4) The offers for kids suffering allergies remain the same and special dietary restrictions (as children eating no pork, vegetarians,..) are taken into account.

5) Concerning the Secondary canteen, there is today a wider offer of products in the stands:
– Natural (vegetarian and balances cuisine)
– Bistrot (classic and local products)
– Pasta Roma (pasta, piadina, risotti, etc)
– Street (street food, take-away dishes or finger food)
– Bowls (Ramen, Yakitori, etc.)

At the stand Street, cheaper meals (3,70 euro) are proposed (ex. quiche, vegetables pies, crêpes with mushrooms, cold dishes, etc.)

A large screen, placed at the Secondary canteen entry, displays the different menu choices and the allergens (in three languages). Another large screen displays the menu at the Primary canteen entry.

All this information is published on the school website, under the tab « canteen », as well as on the dedicated SODEXO website.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Parent’s association Canteen Committee at the following address: