BYOD: Bring Your Own Device (laptop) to school will commence within the European school system from S5 and above. The laptops also replace the need to purchase TX inspire calculators.  

APEEEL1 is working in collaboration with the European schools and Inforgix to faciltate a pilot a laptop purchasing scheme- this will allow parents to easily purchase laptops with the recommended specification – a choice of laptops can be purchased on the below link. These laptops will be delivered to APEEEL1 and we will arrange the distribution at the start of the school term/ when the devices are available. There is no obligation to go through this website. For delivery see below.

When you create an account be sure to select European School Luxembourg 1

Benefits of purchasing through this scheme:

–         A laptop with the correct keyboard eg PL

          Operating system in the mother tongue.

          A software package including an antivirus.

          A laptop engraved with some personal information the family chooses.

          An online support.

          A 3 years warranty. Most companies provide 2 years as standard.

          A spare laptop lent by the parents association during the (1 – 3 days) of repair. 

 Recommended laptop specifications:

   –      The operating system type and version fully supports the Office365 applications (online version and desktop applications) (Linux, Android and Chromebooks do not support all the software in use in school).

          Integrated Wifi-antenna (WIFI N minimum, AC is better)

          Processor: i3 or AMD E2/A4 Dual Core, equivalent or better

          Memory: We advise at least 4GB Ram (8Gb Ram recommended)

          Storage: hard drive with a capacitiy of 250GB, SSD-Harddrive is recommended.

          Screen size: at least 10.8 inch for comfortable viewing of texts, excel sheets etc. Tablets with small screens are strongly discouraged.

          Touch screen and pen are strongly recommended.

          A good integrated or external keyboard in your language.

          Lightweight for ease of transport.

          A long battery life and/or spare battery (4 cells mimimum, 6 cells or more is better).

          Minimum 1 USB-A port, or integrated USB-C port with adaptor for USB-C to USB-A.

          Virus protection, a pdf reader (Windows 10 has a virus protection included but another installed is recommend. For the battery life, Norton is not recommended)

-A protective carrying case.

If you have difficulties financing a new BYOD laptop (either through the APEEEL1 purchasing scheme or independently) for your European School Lux 1 student, you may apply to APEEEL1 for assistance- for as long as our budget line permits it . The level of assistance offered will depend on the family situation and the total income of your family. You will need to complete the attached form and provide supporting documents such as pay slips etc ,and after having bought the necessary equipment, you will need to provide proof of purchase.

All requests are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

For more information please see our Social fund page. 


Inforgix will inform you when the laptop you have ordered will be delivered to the school. 

When you receive notification that your order has been delivered, please contact Claire at the Parents Association to arrange pick up: or 432082422

The office is located in the entrance of the Primary building; however as parents can not enter the building it is important to get in touch before collection. 

Opening times 08:30-12:00