In the past few months, many members of the community of the European Schools of Luxembourg actively contributed to Riding the Rainbow, a project led by one of our family and a number of volunteers from the NGO Afrilanthropy, which enabled the donation of over 300 bikes, scooters and skates to refugees from 6 nationalities. 

Building on this success, we are are pleased to inform you that the project has developed a mobile platform, which allows people not only to give new life to their old bikes, but also donate sports gears and musical instruments to young refugees in Luxembourg, directly from their preferred locations, hence minimizing the logistical challenges, reduce the transport related carbon emissions, but more importantly by allowing people to interact directly with the refugees and create a new channel of social interation

Riding the Rainbow invites all parents to sign up on and/or visit the project social media Facebook 


For more info on the initiative please find below the latest media coverage on the initiative 

Local organisation offers bicycles to refugee children

RTL Play -Riding The Rainbow

and/or contact

Thanks for your continous support and for being the “light of rainbow” in a young refugees life!