BAC 2021

We have inquired via Interparents with the Office of the Secretariat General (OSG) of the European Schools about the possibility to change Bac exam subjects in view of the cancellation of the oral Bac exams. This issue was discussed by the Core Group of the Task Force on the “Preparation of the European Baccalaureate 2021” at a meeting on 19 March 2021. 

Following that meeting, the OSG informed us that changes of the Bac examination subjects are not possible. It was also confirmed that every successful candidate will obtain separate marks for all examinations, also for the cancelled oral examinations. According to the decision of the President of the 2021 session of the European Baccalaureate of 15 February 2021 (European School document 2021-02-LD-22), the oral marks will be replaced by a replication of the final A marks, unless the written Bac examinations would have to be cancelled, in which case a new decision concerning the calculation of the final marks will be needed and further communicated once made.