We are aware that a number of parents and pupils have raised concerns regarding the BAC process this year, especially the issues of lack of weighting of BAC subjects and the application of moderation.
Please note that the deadline for the first step in launching an appeal is today (Thursday 25th June).  This first step is to formally request the Director of Luxembourg I to deliver a copy of all documentation related to the BAC.  To assist you we attach a template with a suggestion of the exact documentation that you may wish to request as well as the memo from Interparents detailing the BAC process (previously circulated on Monday 22nd June).  Please note that this is just a template proposal in response to requests by several parents. Should you decide to use the template please adapt as appropriate and address to Mr Wedel,  the school director  (lux-director@eursc.eu)
Please also note that where students are 18 or over the request for information and any further action must be lodged by the student her/himself and not the parents or it will be rejected.  
Our APEEE only has the contact details of S7 class reps and our members.  We request that you circulate this communication widely to assist as many parents and pupils as possible.  
In the event that you may wish to make contact with a lawyer at this stage, our colleagues in Brussels have given us the name of Me Elisabeth Widmaier at elisabeth.widmaier@orbius.be. We have been informed that she is already working with several families on this issue.  We have no knowledge of likely fees but these would need to be covered by the families.
We also have the contact details of one of our parent volunteers based in Brussels who has kindly offered to provide some initial assistance and guidelines to parents who may be considering an appeal.  Please contact us if you would like his details.  
We are very aware that this is a unique and difficult time for many pupils and parents.
Warmest Wishes
APEEEL1 BAC Working Group
Maria, Monique, Annette, John and Helen