The parents of each class elect one or two parents to be their class representatives every year. The class reps have an essential role in representing parents’ interests and working with the APEEEL1 Management Committee to ensure that parents’ voices are heard at all levels of the school system.

Parents’ meetings are taking place this month in Nursery and Primary, and will take place in November in Secondary, at which the reps for each class will be elected. If you have been newly elected, you must inform the APEEEL1 Secretariat of your details using this form. Otherwise we cannot contact you to enable you to fulfil your role.

As a class rep, you will be invited to regular meetings with members of the APEEEL1 Management Committee to bring you up-to-date and consult you on the latest developments affecting our School, you will be invited to report and comment on current issues, and you will be contacted about specific questions affecting the class you represent.

Please consider serving as a class rep yourself! If not, please ask the reps for your class to ensure that they are registered with the APEEEL1 Secretariat so that the views of the parents in your class are represented.