Dear Parents and Students,

 APEEEL1 would like to inform you that in response to the needs highlighted by the Pupils’ committee, the extracurricular activities has set up a Well-being program, which contains 14 different workshops. 12 are for secondary students and 2 for parents.

 We are looking at working together to help students acquire or deepen life skills and improve everyone’s well-being.


The list of workshops with all the necessary information is already available on the extracurricular activities’ website

 Registrations will be online via the website and will open on Wednesday March 2nd at 11 a.m.  

Total duration of the project is March 7th until June 22nd 2022.

 The duration of each workshop is different and is specified in the description on the website.

 The minimum number of participants is 8, and the maximum varies between 10 and 16. If demand is high, a waiting list will be set up.