APEEEL1 Elections: Newly elected members 2022-23 

Following our APEEEL1 Call for Candidates that closed 3rd May 2022, APEEEL1 is happy to present to you the members that volunteered to fill the 10 vacant positions for 2022-23. 

BENCIVENGA Fabio – EN section, Maternelle

BLESNEAG Mariana – FR section, Secondary & Primary

BRETON Monique – FI Section, Secondary

DIERET Christophe- FR section, Primary & Maternelle

FILICE Stefania – DE section, Primary & Secondary

TCHIPEV Anton- EN section, Secondary

TROZCZYNSKA- VAN GENDEREN Wanda- EN section, Primary

VOGT Mark- DE section, Primary

The existing members of the Management Committee, elected 2021-22 are:

ACHA Greg- PL section, Primary & Secondary

ALONSO Maria- ES section, Primary & Secondary

BRANDON Janette- EN section, Secondary & Maternelle

FLEGO Francesca- FR section, Primary

GLANCY Michael – EN section, Primary

GORAJ Aleksandra- PL section, Secondary

GORSKA Agata- FR section, Primary & Secondary

GUERIN Jean-Thomas – FR Section, Primary & Secondary

REINE Inga – FR section, Secondary

SZABO Tunde- ES section, Secondary