Dear Parents,

  • Do you have ideas on how school life can be improved?
  • Would you like to influence decisions taken and ideas discussed that concern the school?
  • Do you want to connect with other parents and work towards a common objective inspired by European values?
  • Do you want your voice to be heard?

Then run for a seat on the APEEEL1 Management Committee!

Every year, in accordance with the statutes, an election is organised to partially renew the membership of the APEEEL1 Management Committee. This year, eleven positions on the Management Committee will need to be filled.

No experience is needed. You just need to be a member of our organisation and bring your interest, passion and dedication to impact school life.

The Management Committee of APEEEL1 is a group of parents who:
  • have the interest of the school and its students at heart and want to work towards a better quality of life within the school by participating in all aspects of school life, having regular meetings with the school administration and playing an active role in the Primary and Secondary Education Councils;
  • have a seat at the table of the decision-makers of the European School system, up to Brussels  ̶   we lobbied for raising the attractiveness of our school for locally recruited teachers and helped formulate the school position and policy on this topic;
  • raise and manage special-purpose funds to make a difference, namely through our 1) Social Fund to assist parents and families to participate in school trips pursuant to our “No Child Left Behind” Philosophy and 2) Participatory Budget to sponsor special initiatives that contribute to the school spirit such as “The School Garden” or the Lux1 team sports kit for the Eurosport Varese Cup;
  • provide oversight of the team of permanent employees who manage the operations of the Secretariat of the Association, including day to day interaction with parents and the organization, planning, management and execution of the périscolaire activities;
  • are active stakeholders in the management of  the school canteen  ̶  we play a lead role in organising the selection process for the canteen provider;
  • organize the School Fête and other events such as the ski clothing sale;
  • play a big role in the organisation of the school transport   ̶  we organised a Transport Survey to learn more about the transport issues;
  • keep you updated on all important and hot events and topics  ̶  we publish information on the website, via monthly Newsletters and have a discussion group on our Facebook page.
Role of APEEEL1

APEEEL-1 is a non-for-profit Association established in accordance with Luxembourg laws. Its oversight is carried out by the Management Committee which in turns elects its executive (bureau) and members of various working groups.

Need more information?

Check our website to learn more on who we are and how we work: On our Home Page you will find up-to-date news. Under the ‘issues’ menu you will find information on how we are organised and what areas we deal with.

Contact our current members who will explain to you our internal organisation:

Election rules

The elections will take place according to the rules and calendar published on our website:

You can find the Candidature form here!


Candidatures must be submitted by Monday 27 April 2020. If there are fewer candidates than vacancies on that date, the deadline will be extended until Monday 4 May 2020.