In the past few years, the road traffic near the European school has increased. The number of public buses that pass along Boulevard Konrad Adenauer has more than doubled because of the roadworks related to the new tram and the new public transport organization. The traffic is particularly intense in the mornings and afternoons when many parents drive their children to and from school.

In order to have a better view on the quality of the air that our children breathe, the Parents’ Association has requested that a fixed measuring station be installed in the proximity of the school. The request was made within the framework of the Public consultation on clean air (Consultation publique du projet de plan relatif à la qualité de l’air 2020 – 104 –

This type of station normally measures the real-time concentration of a number of air pollutants such as O3, NO, NO2, CO, SO2 and PM10. If approved, the station will become part of a network of measuring stations near schools in Europe that engage children, parents and school staff in monitoring the air quality and raise awareness of how it is impacted by road traffic. The final goal is to motivate more families to use environment-friendly and healthy ways to commute, such as walking, cycling or using the available public and school transport.