Dear members,

You are formally invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Parents’ Association of the European School Luxembourg 1 (APEEEL1) on 26 November 2019 at 19:30 in the School’s Salle des Fêtes.

The AGM will be preceded by a guest speaker session on “CYBER-BULLYING” organised jointly by APEEEL1, the Secondary School KiVa Team and BEESECURE, an initiative of the Luxembourg Government to promote responsible use of the internet.

The evening will also give you the opportunity to meet Management Committee members leading various Working Groups and to exchange with other members of the parent community in order to identify challenges and share solutions to improving the quality of life within the School.

You may attend the AGM either in person – which we hope you will do – or by proxy (maximum of 3 proxy votes per member present). Proxy form

If you wish to submit a motion for debate at the AGM, you must send it in writing to the APEEEL1 office ( by 19 November 2019.

CYBER-BULLYING – How To Prevent It? How To Deal With It? (for parents, students and teachers) 17:00-19:00
APEEEL1: Introduction  
KiVa: A resource to deal with the problem  
BEESECURE: How to navigate with awareness, prudence and respect  
Networking Break 19:00-19:30
Opportunity to meet APEEEL1 Management Committee Members and Working Group Convenors
APEEEL1 Annual General Meeting (only for paid-up members of the association) 19:30-20:30
1. Adoption of the agenda  
2. Approval of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 21 November 2018
3. Election of Tellers  
4. Presentation and approval of the annual report 2018-19  
5. Presentation and approval of the audited accounts 2018-19  
6. Presentation and approval of the budget for 2019-20  
7. Appointment of the auditor for the 2019-20 administrative year  
8. Approval of the annual membership fee  
9. Any other relevant business