Actions Sans Frontières (Actions Without Borders)

Actions Sans Frontières (Actions Without Borders) is a multinational group consisting of parents, teachers, students and staff from both European Schools in Luxembourg. It was created in 1983 under the name “Comité Tiers Monde” (Third World Group). Its purpose is to make students aware of other children’s difficulties and needs in the world. During the school year ASF organizes fund raising events to support sustainable projects of development in impoverished countries in the world. The funds collected are distributed to projects proposed to ASF by members of the school community. In the school year 2017-2018, we gave a total of 44040€ to various development projects.

Students who help with the events receive a certificate of participation at the end of the year. This certificate can be joined to applications for entrance to British Universities or added to a student CV.

ASF relies on the good will of its volunteers. Every year students, parents and teachers leave the school, so ASF needs new members to carry on with its projects. There is no membership fee to join the group. If you have projects to support, ideas to promote or if you just want to help us, please see our site and contact us. :

This year our traditional Christmas Market will be held at Luxembourg II in Mamer on Saturday  24 November. Please keep the date!

We wish everybody an excellent school year.

ASF committee

Maryvonne Delbos Présidente

Monica Dominguez Perez Vice-présidente Lux 1

Corinne Cougnon Vice-présidente Lux 2

Ana Robertsson Trésorière

Magali Robino Sensibilisation- Relations publiques

Claudia Cräemer

Karim Houchi