Wednesday 18th , Thursday 19th & Friday 20th March @18:30

Petites salle des fetes

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2 short plays 


by James Saunders 

Set on a fictional island, this short play is a comic-allegory of how people can easily ignore the truth, even when it is staring them in the face. The island is surrounded by an impenetrable wall, which everyone just lives with- except one. But when she tried to find out the truth about what is on the other side of the wall, she finds that people can be a bigger obstacle than the wall itself!


by Bradley Hayward

The group has already performed this 45 minute show with great sucess at the Festival of English-Language School Theatre (FEST) in Merch earlier this month. All teenagers have difficulty communicating with their parents, the opposite sex, even their friends. Many feel isolated and misunderstood; they can feel that they are wired, or that everyone else is. Kylie is no different. As she unfolds her story to the audience , we see snapshots and moments of frustration covering the lives of a whole range of difficult teenagers. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, the play builds towards a conclusion which shows us how badly things can go wrong if we really don’t talk about it.