Management Committee Election 2018 - call for candidates

Management Committee Election 2018

Call for Candidates

This year’s election to the Management Committee will take place during May and June but before we can have an election we need some candidates. The Association Management Committee (MC) represents the parents interests at school meetings such as the Administration Board, Primary and Secondary Education Councils, School Advisory and Canteen Committees. MC members also help in many other areas of the school such as infrastructure and transport.

All parents can ask the Association MC members to help them in their dealings with the school whether it be a request for education support or assistance with a disciplinary matter or just a question about school procedures and regulations. The parents association has the responsibility to run the extra-curricular activities for the school and this is a tremendous challenge for the MC members to undertake.

If you wish to serve on the Association Management Committee then please complete and submit the form on the Election 2018 page. 

Si vous souhaitez siéger au Comité de gestion de l’Association, veuillez remplir et soumettre le formulaire à la page Élection 2018.

Volunteering to help

If being on a committee seems like a commitment too far then we always need  parents to help with the many ongoing projects that we have such as the school fête and the extra-curricular activities as well as helping the school with their various projects. We plan to implement many new working methods in the association during the coming months and we need parents to help put these in place. If you are keen to help but have only limited time to spare then contact the office and let them know – they will pass your details to the appropriate MC member, who will be grateful to share the workload.

SUMMER CAMPS - Dance Secondary 2-6 July

Summer Camps – Dances camp secondary

Come and have fun

Still some places left for secondary pupils dances Summer Camp.

Pupils in S1, S2 or S3 in Lux1? If, yes, then your last day of school is Thursday 28/06!

If you are still around in the Week from 2 to 6 July, why not try the dance summer camps that week? It’s in Mamer school and a bus shuttle to Mamer can also be booked online, to take from and back to the Kirchberg.

Registration deadline: 31st May 2018

Please read thoroughly the description of each summer camp before enrolling. Inscriptions will be online:

English Drama Group - Once upon a teen

Performances: Thursday 3rd; Friday 4th at 18:00 and Saturday at 14:00 Tickets: 5 € Reservations: Not suitable for children under 12.


English Drama Group - 25/02/2018 - 14:30

Come and see the LUX 1 4th-6th Year English Drama Group performing at the FESTIVAL OF ENGLISH-LANGUAGE SCHOOL THEATRE (FEST) Kulturhaus Mersch on Sunday 25th February at 14.00A HUMAN WRITE‘ – by Amy Sutton Directed by: Tony Kingston More information here

Participatory budget
Do you have an interesting project or an idea that you would like to see happen in our school?

If your answer is ‘yes’, send it by to the Parents’ Association by 9/01/2018 and we will evaluate the best fit projects to discuss with the school and try to make them happen (see terms of reference). Please send it to, keeping in the subject line ‘Participatory budget – [title of your project]:

ID: Surname, name Connection with school

  • Title
  • Description
  • Related commitments (e.g. working time)
  • Expected benefits
  • Who benefits
  • Estimated cost (upper/lower limits, if known)
  • Any supporting documents, links, etc.
  • Report a conflict of interest


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Second-Hand ski sale APEEEL1 and APEEEL2 - 25/11/2017 - in Lux 2 (Mamer)

See event page for all the details.


  No ski items to sell? Check these other second hand sales organised by other Parent’s Associations:   11.11.2017 – Miedernach – Kanner Second Hand &Floumaart APE   12.11.2017 – Steinsel – Kanner Second Hand &Floumaart APEEP   12.11.2017 – Contern – Kannerfloumaart

12.11.2017 – Cents – Second hand Kannerfloumaart

18.11.2017 – Bourglinster – KannerFloumaart APE   26.11.2017 – Beggen – Second Hand APE   (This information is a courtesy of the Fédération des Associations de Parents d’Elèves du Luxembourg (FAPEL), of which APEEEL1 is a member).

European Schools Christmas Market, Saturday 18/11, Canteen Lux1, Kirchberg
Come and support Actions sans frontières (ASF) by attending the European Schools Christmas Party Saturday 18 November 2017 from 10:30 to 16:30. National stands, traditional crafts, dances, games, music and more. All profits revert to charity.     Find out more about ASF’s work on their website!
Zinal 2017
The P5 trip to Zinal this year will take place in December. You can find more information about the documents that you will and the key dates at the link below.

Zinal 2017

FAPEL 2017/2018 Séminaires (FR) / Seminars (DE) is the Luxemburgish umbrella for several  Pupils Parents Associations in Luxembourg. APEEEL1 is one of the members of this Federation. The Federation organises a series of interesting workshops and seminars for parents, in French and German. The table summarises their 2017/2018 offer (enrolment details below the table):

13.01.2018 Partie B1/2   Pour quel(s) métier(s) suisje fait(e)? 1. Intérêts professionnels Atelier interactif parents et adolescents de 14 à 18 ans en 2 parties Formateur : Marie-Anne Salier 09.30- 12.30 h 
20.01.2018 Eltern im Gespräch mit Lehrern – sicher und konstruktiv!  Referent: Astrid Wirth 09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr
27.01.2018 Partie B2/2   Pour quel(s) métier(s) suis-je fait(e)? 2. Définir un projet prof. qui me convienne Atelier interactif parents et adolescents de 14 à 18 ans en 2 parties Formateur : Marie-Anne Salier 09.30‐ 12.30 Uhr
27.01.2018 Elternvertreter : Rechte und Pflichten Referenten: Francy Havé ; Christiane Schaus 09.00‐ 12.00 Uhr
03.02.2018 Anregung für die Kleinsten (0‐2 Jahre) Referent: Beate Ewerz 09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr
24.02.2018 FAPEL 2017-2018-Pour quel(s) métier(s) suis-je fait(e) Formateurs : Christiane Schaus ; Christel Ries 09.00- 12.00 h
24.02.2018 Faites de vos enfants des champions de la vie Atelier interactif parents et adolescents de 12 à 18 ans Formateur : Marie-Anne Salier  09.00- 13.00 h
03.03.2018 Lernen macht Spaß! – Oder? Referent: Astrid Wirth 09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr
10.03.2018 Kinder stärken und für das Leben stark Machen Referent: Astrid Wirth 09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr
17.03.2018 Sprachentwicklung (1‐6 Jahre) – Und was kann ich tun? Referent: Beate Ewerz  09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr
24.03.2018 Les clés de communication avec nos ados Atelier interactif parents et adolescents de 12 à 18 ans Formateur : Marie-Anne Salier 09.00‐ 13.00 Uhr

Austragungsort/Lieu : Maison de l’orientation 1330 Luxemburg Kostenlose Einschreibung min. 1 Woche vor dem Seminar: oder 46 60 96 Inscription gratuite min. 1 semaine avant le séminaire: ou 46 60 96

Periscolaire /Extra Curricular Activities
Key dates:

  1. Foire des Activités – Wednesday 6 September at 5 p.m. (Primary School Hall)
  2. Member inscriptions open Monday 11 September at 9 a.m.
  3. Non-member inscriptions open Monday 18 September at 9 a.m.
  4. Activities begin from Monday 2 October

You can download the Activity Brochure here and check the current list of activities on the the Periscolaire Activity website: Once registered, the list can be found unde the tab ‘Parent’ => ‘Subscribe to a course’. For some activities the end dates are different for each school and that can account for price differences, for courses that could seem similar. You can use the filters to target your favourite activities search and use the contacts on that page for further queries. For members, please check beforehand that your access is working and if it is not please contact the périscolaires office at Only newcomers to the school can still become members to benefit from the priority enrolment week. For that, please contact the FAPEEEL secretariate for membership details or check APEEEL1 (Kirchberg school) or APEEEL2 (Mamer) websites, asap! Please note that APEEELs cannot guarantee members a place in the activities but only that all members have a week of priority enrolment over non-members and exemption to pay the 30 euros of enrolment fee due to all non-members. (*) Enrolment will continue open for all activities that have not reached full capacity.

Brexit Communication from the Office of the Secretary General
Below are links to the official communication from the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools concerning the decision of the British people to leave the European Union and the implications for the European Schools. English Version 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-en version française 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-fr Deutsche Version 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-de

Office Contacts

Office Secretary:  Claire Balloch

Address: European School Lux 1 Primary Building 23 Blvd Konrad Adenauer L-1115 LUXEMBOURG

Phone: 43 20 82 422

Email Address:

Office hours: Mon to Fri : 8:45 -12:30