News from Your Parents’ Association

Summer Holidays

The office will be open again on the 26th August - Wishing all of our students, parents, teachers & staff a very good summer

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ASF 2018-19

Please find attached a presentation from ASF on the money they have collected and where the money has been spent. A big thank you to everyone involved !

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Dear Parents Please find attachment a message from the Interparents network of Parents' Associations with preliminary information about this year's Bac results, including important advice if you feel the need to appeal. We hope that everything went well and wish you...

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APEEEL1 2018-19: A Year in Review

The Parents’ Association has three key functions: to represent parents; to support them; and to contribute to the community life of the school. It has been a busy year on all three fronts at the European School Luxembourg 1. RepresentationOur greatest achievement was...

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Bac 2019

The Baccalaureate season is now well under way and we wish all candidates the very best! If you encounter any problems: Please consult the guidelines from Interparents, andReport your concerns on This is an unofficial service for parents, run...

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Office Contacts

Secretariat :  Claire & Fiona

Address: European School Lux 1 Primary Building 23 Blvd Konrad Adenauer L-1115 LUXEMBOURG

Phone: 43 20 82 422

Email Address:

Office hours: Mon to Fri : 8:45 -12:30


Periscolaire Contacts

Team Leader:  Vaiva Simonaviciute

Phone: 43 20 82 422 / 621 263 002

Email address:

Office hours: Mon to Fri : 13:00 -17:00

Periscolaires – Extracurricular activities

Full activities booklet /
Livret complet des activités 2018-2019

There are still places available for the following activities:

For available activities click here 

Calendrier/Schedule Date/Date Jour/Day Heure/Time
Début des activités/ Beginning of activities 01/10/2018 Lundi/Monday  
Inscriptions aux cours privés de 2ième semestre/ 2nd semester private lessons enrollment 28/01/2019
Lundi/Monday-Vendredi/Friday 11h00
Fin des activités de groupe/ End of group activities 24/05/2019 Vendredi/Friday  
Fin des cours privés/
end of private lessons
28/06/2019 Vendredi/Friday  

Les activités périscolaires n’ont pas lieu pendant les vacances de l’école, y compris la journée pédagogique / Extracurricular activities do not take place during school holidays, including the pedagogical day