News from Your Parents’ Association

Parent’s meeting with Commissioner Oettinger

Last month representatives of the parents' associations from 11 of the 13 European Schools together with the President of Interparents met with Commissioner Oettinger in Brussels. Commissioner Oettinger had previously met with the Directors of all the European Schools...

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Traffic Circulation Around the Primary

We have discovered more information about the traffic circulation around the primary school that will take effect from this Sunday. The featured image shows the new priority of the “one-way street” on Rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the direction of circulation of the public buses.

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Tram Launch 10 December

As some of you will be all to aware the Luxembourg Tram project is set to launch on Sunday 10 December. The image below shows the detail of where the various public transport methods will run from that day. Monday 11 December is more than likely going to be quite a challenge for drivers of private vehicles as they discover how the changes will affect them.

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Vehicle access around the School

Vehicle access around the school is a subject that comes up every year and more so this year because of our neighbour, Institute Nationale des Langues. The busy times of start and end of the school day around the primary can prove specially frustrating as places to stop to drop off or collect your children are at a premium.

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Return and Future

The school return went well but there are issues with English language teachers that is being addressed by your association. The future of FAPEEEL is being discussed and acted on this year. If your children are going on school trips, don’t forget that our Social Fund is there to help overcome heavy financial burdens, particularly Primary 5 and S6.

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First Round of Meetings

In the Nursery & Primary school the parents’ evenings are happening over the next 2 weeks – please note the earlier start time of 17:30 with the L2 teacher and then 18:00 for the class meeting. This week’s meetings have thrown up some interesting issues, some of which we are aware of from previous years.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Parent/Teacher meeting Secondary year 5 – option choices for S6

    24 January @ 18:00 - 19:00
  2. Carnival holidays

    12 February @ 08:00 - 16 February @ 17:00
  3. Easter holidays

    26 March - 6 April
  4. Labour day

    1 May
  5. School fête

    5 May @ 10:00 - 16:30