As you are aware we are asking for parents to step forward to help represent the parent body of the school and to contribute to ensuring the high quality of education provided to our children. Each year sees a different set of challenges and opportunities presented to us and your management committee members meet these with equal enthusiasm.

This year we have been blessed with sufficient funds to be able to make meaningful direct contributions to the school. As well as a sound system for the Primary we have committed to providing an Interactive Learning Table that will help teachers to provide more group working educational sessions with students. Our aim is to provide another Interactive Learning Table in the future.

The school intends to improve the sporting and other infrastructure facilities at the school over the next year or two and we have been involved in helping bring this to reality. We have also made a direct contribution to the refurbishment of the canteen and the S6/7 study room. We aim to continue to help with these smaller improvements each year through fund raising activities such as the School Fete.

Another aspect of our work, and one that you are probably most familiar with, is the extra-curricular activities that we arrange for your children. These are educational in nature and aim to encourage children to take part in activities that are outside the remit of the school to provide. Most of the activities take place in our school and because we use FAPEEEL to organise and provide them we are also able to offer the activities taking place at the Mamer school. This also means that we can offer a wider range of activities to our children than would normally be the case.

Finally, we represent the all the parents on the School Board and Councils that are instrumental in the running of the school. We are able to influence how the school is run and what activities they undertake. We are able to provide input to the school on all the challenges that they face. The most recent of these are the lack of UK seconded teachers, the contract terms for locally employed teachers and the school’s own “JUST SAY NO” campaign.

As a small team, we cannot hope to deal with everything in the way that we would like and some things have a higher priority than others. The more people that we have who can help, from class representatives to members of the management committee, the easier it is for us to provide a good service to you.

We have extended the deadline for people to submit their candidature (step forward to help) to next Thursday, 12th May. If you think that you would like to help ensure the continuing high quality of education and friendly atmosphere of the school then please do step forward by contacting the office in the first instance ( or 432082422). Claire or Fiona will let you know what you need to do to take the first steps towards joining the Management Committee.

Phil Taylor
APEEE Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg)