Participatory budget

 Do you have an interesting project or an idea that you would like to see happen in our school?

If your answer is ‘yes’, send it by end of September 2017 to the Parents’ Association and we will evaluate the best fit projects to discuss with the school and try to make them happen (see terms of reference).

Please send us:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Related commitments (e.g. working time)
  • Expected benefits
  • Who benefits
  • Estimated cost (upper/lower limits, if known)
  • Any supporting documents, links, etc.
  • Report a conflict of interest


King Arthur and the Sword of Albion

European School Lux 1, Kirchberg
1st – 3rd Year English Drama Group
A comedy by Harold Lenn
Wednesday May 31st & Thursday June 1st at 17.00
Petite Salle des Fêtes

Things aren’t going well for King Arthur. Camelot is falling to pieces, his crowns keep vanishing, Guinevere is flirting with Sir Lancelot and even the round table has been stolen. When he receives news that the magical Sword of Albion has been taken from the Cave of Iswelt, threatening the peace of the kingdom, all looks lost. So he sends the noble Sir Tristram, the brave Lady Kay and the comical Sir Dagonet on a dangerous quest to find the sword. Pursued by wood Dryads, ugly crones, a flirtatious damsel and a tree, they must retrieve the sword and save Britain!

King Arthur and the Sword of Albion

Victor Antonyuk, Jasper Balke, Camila-Beatriz de la Borda Bugeja, Ana Borges Soares,
Catherine Cook, Lila Colino Vargas, Sophia D’Aversa, Anne Deissenberg, Marta Gilotti,
Verdrana Ivanovix, Susana Jenkins, Valeria Masheva, Sophia Mate, Ciara Murphy, Daniel Murphy, Camille Rakotoranto-Duchesne, Emma Rakotoranto-Duchesne, Eduardo Shaw, Natascha Thys, Katrina Velicka & William Verrinder
Tickets: 5 Euros Reservations:

School Fête - 6 May 2017


Thank you very much for your participation.

More information to come.

Please check the School Fête page for all the information and latest updates.


Brexit Communication from the Office of the Secretary General

Below are links to the official communication from the Office of the Secretary General of the European Schools concerning the decision of the British people to leave the European Union and the implications for the European Schools.

English Version 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-en

version française 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-fr

Deutsche Version 2017-04-LD-10-Brexit-de

Summer Camps 2017

SUMMER CAMPS enrolments will be open the 27th April!

Monday 26th June 2017 to Friday 7st July 2017 – MULTISPORT or DANCE SECONDARY CAMPS

Monday 10th July 2017 to Friday 14th July 2017– MULTISPORT or ART PRIMARY CAMPS


Secondary Camps will take place at the European School Lux II and Primary camps at Lux I. You can also book a seat on an organised shuttle bus from Kirchberg to Mamer or Mamer to Kirchberg.


Registration deadline: 28th May 2017


Please read thoroughly the description of each activity before enrolling

Les inscriptions aux Camps d’été s’ouvrent le 27 avril!

Du lundi 26 juin au vendredi 7 juillet 2017 – SECONDAIRE MULTISPORT et DANSE CAMPS

Du lundi 10 au vendredi 14 juillet 2017 – PRIMAIRE MULTISPORT et ART CAMPS


Les camps d’été secondaire se dérouleront à l’Ecole Européenne LUX II, primaires à Lux I. Vous avez également la possibilité de réserver une place dans la navette mise en place entre Kirchberg et Mamer, Mamer et Kirchberg.


Date d’inscription: jusqu’au 28 mai 2017


Nous vous invitons à lire avec attention le descriptif de chaque activité avant d’inscrire vos enfants.

Educational Support survey



Educational Support survey

The parents’ association (APEEE) invites all parents of a child in need of educational support to respond to the following survey: (available in English and French)

The results will help APEEE to contribute to the inspection of the school concerning educational support, which will take place on 24-25 April 2017.

The deadline to respond to the survey is Friday 28 April 2017. If you respond by Friday 21 April, your answer will be included in preliminary results to be shared with the inspectors during their visit.

If you would like to submit a written personal statement about your experience of educational support at the European School to be included in APEEE’s submission to the inspectors, please send it to by Friday 21 April 2017.

Thank you for your contribution.

 John Coughlan
Vice-President APEEE Lux 1


(French version)

Questionnaire sur le soutien éducatif

L’association des parents (APEEE) invite tous les parents d’un enfant qui a besoin du soutien éducatif à répondre au sondage suivant : (disponible en anglais et en français)

Les résultats aideront l’APEEE à contribuer à l’inspection de l’école en ce qui concerne le soutien éducatif qui aura lieu les 24-25 avril 2017.

La date limite pour les réponses au sondage est le vendredi 28 avril 2017. Si vous répondez avant le vendredi 21 avril, votre réponse sera incluse dans les résultats préliminaires que l’APEEE partagera avec les inspecteurs pendant leur visite.

Si vous souhaitez faire une déclaration personnelle écrite au sujet de votre expérience du soutien éducatif à l’Ecole européenne, que l’APEEE inclura dans son dossier pour les inspecteurs, nous vous prions de l’envoyer à l’adresse jusqu’au vendredi 21 avril 2017.

Nous vous remercions pour votre contribution.

 John Coughlan
Vice-Président APEEE Lux 1

BAC Newsletter March 2017

The Baccalaureate newsletter for March has been published and is available to download here:

BAC March Newsletter 1

English Theatre - 'Daisy pulls it off' - 6 and 7 April at 17:00

The European School Lux 1


English Drama Group


‘Daisy pulls it off’

A comedy by Denise Deegan

 Lux 1, Kirchberg, salle des Fêtes:  April 6th & April 7th @ 17:00

(ending 19:00-19:10)



To reserve tickets contact: with your name, the date of the show and how many tickets you would like (5€ each).

Parents attendance is most welcome.

Play summary:

A huge hit comedy in London’s west-end in the 1980s, ‘DAISY PULLS IT OFF’ is a parody of the popular girls-school adventure stories of the 1930s, especially Enid Blyton’s ‘Mallory Towers’ series. It also pokes fun at the ridiculous pomposity of traditional ‘British’ attitudes at that time.

Daisy Merdith, a poor elementary school girl, wins a scholarship to the elite ‘Grangewood School for Girls’. She proves talented, dedicated, popular and adventurous. But the vain and elitist Sybil Burlington and Monica Smithers dislike her intensely. They fear that having a ‘common’ scholarship girl at the school will ruin the institution … and they plan to get rid of her.

Meanwhile, the school faces bigger problems. The Beaumont family who own the building are facing financial ruin. Their only chance would be to find the legendary lost “Beaumont Treasure”. Daisy and her friend Trixie vow to find the treasure and to save the school –but soon become aware that the mysterious music teacher Mr Scoblowski is also searching for it. What is he planning? … it certainly can’t be good!

Can Daisy find the treasure before Mr Scoblowski gets to it? Can she escape the evil plots of Sybil and Monica? Can she survive a dangerous cliff-top rescue? And most importantly, can she help Grangewood to win the hockey championship for the first time? Be there in April to jolly well find out!

With: Amanda Abarte, Nereida Abad Yang, Lia Camacho, Madeleine Camilleri, Violeta Chochova, Sarah D’Aversa, Ermioni Kaltsas, Alice Lucius, Aoife Madden, Alexandra Manafova, Marks Polakovs, Guillermo Shaw,  Hanna Valila & Helena Westermann


Zinal report – 5th grade Primary school trip 2016

This report has been prepared independently by Ben Finney of the European School Lux 1 parents’ association, on behalf of our parents.

The key change for the 2016 edition of the Zinal trip was the journey by bus, previously undertaken by train (with luggage taken the day before by road). Use of the bus rather than truck and train reduced the cost of the trip to parents by over 200 euros.

The trip remains extremely popular with the children, with the school survey of children finding that 95% found it positive or excellent, and 82% wanted to go again – even with the increased number of children on the trip this year. These statistics were even higher among the teaching staff.

Read full report

Seminars and Workshops by FAPEL

Fédération des Associations de Parents d’Elèves du Luxembourg (FAPEL) is the Luxemburgish umbrella for several  Parents Associations for all schools in Luxembourg and should not be confused with FAPEEEL, which brings together the parents associations of the two European schools in Luxembourg. APEEEL1 is a member of FAPEL.

The Federation organises a series of interesting workshops and seminars for parents, free of charge, within the limit of available places.

Below you can find their current offer for which you can enrol, as explained,  by the deadline indicated (click on the title of the event for more detailed information):

En français / In French

18.03.2017 – Faites de vos enfants des champions de la vie
(inscription jusq’au 13.03.207)

Auf Deutsch / In German

04.03.2017 – Sexualerziehung: das ist was für die Familie!
(Anmeldung bis zum 16.02.2017)

11.03.2017 – Bewusstes sehen – Was kann ich tun gegen die Auswirkungen der visuellen Belastungen?
(Anmeldung bis zum 06.03.2017)

18.02.2017 – Abenteuer Pubertät
(Anmeldung bis zum 13.03.2017)

Enrolment at FAPEL: 46 60 96 or

Please provide the following information upon enrolment:

Name + Adress + Telephone + e-mail + Title of event + Date + Place

58, bd G-D. Charlotte L-1330 Luxembourg
Mon-Fri: 9 :00-13:00 heures

Periscolaire Activities Website

The Periscolaire Activities website ( is now live. However, because of a delay in the construction enrolments have been put back as detailed below

The Periscolaire Activities enrolments for members will open on Wednesday 28 September and for non-members on Wednesday 5 October. In the meantime, you are strongly advised to register on the site beforehand. Association members will need to have their member code and family name as indicated in the email sent last week.

ZINAL 2016 - Mutual aid assistance towards the payment of school trip expenses

The Luxembourg 1 Parents’ Association (APEEELux1) aims to help families who are in need of assistance towards the payment of school trip expenses. To this end, APEEELux1 has its own social fund, separate from that of the school.

An award is not guaranteed, but APEEELux1 will make every effort towards helping those families genuinely in need of assistance. To be eligible for an award, a family must be a member of the Parents’ Association (if they are not yet a member, the €50 annual membership fee will be deducted from the amount awarded). Families should be aware that they may be asked to supply relevant documentation in support of their claim. This will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The social fund will not be able to cover 100% of the school trip expenses. The level of the contribution will be decided according to the net monthly household income, and will also take into account family composition and any other current circumstances that the family chooses to share with APEEELux1.

An award is payable directly into the beneficiary account of the specified school trip and results in a reduction of the fee to be paid by the family for the school trip concerned, but is in no circumstances paid direct to the family.

The decision on whether or not to grant an award is notified in writing to the family or legal representative of the pupil. The amount of the aid, or the reason for rejection, will be specified.

The form should be completed, signed and sent to by 28 October 2016 at the latest for the ZINAL2016 school trip.

Request for assistance form – APEEE Lux 1 Social Fund 2016







Saturday 12 November 2016 the annual ski sale organised by the Parent’s Associations of both Lux1 and Lux2 schools took place in the Primary Hall of the Kirchberg school. This sale is primarily organised for helping parents in preparing for the December P5 snow classes excursion to Zinal, but profiting to all interested in the upcoming ski season.
As usual, the event gathered a lot of interest with over 40 tables of sellers and over 200 participants for the 2 hours dedicated to the sale.
The Parent’s Association would like to thank all participants for their presence, help in cleaning and kind donations for the refreshments provided by our care.
We also would like to thank the school for lending us the space and making the tables available.
See you next year in Mamer!
Activités Periscolaire Brochure

The Periscoalire Activities brochure has been published and you can download it from the link below

Activités Periscolaire Brochure

Management Committee Election Result

The full result of the election to the Management Committee held during last term are contained in the following document

Results of APEEELux1 MC election 2016

The following members have been elected to serve on the Management Committee for the years 2016-17 and 2017-18

BRETON Monique
KLUMPER Serge-Arno
NILUTA Francois

The first meeting of the new Management Committee will take place on Wednesday 7 September in the Primary School at which the executive positions will be filled.

Summer Fête Tombola Donors

Thank you to the following organisations and people who generously donated prizes for the Tombola at our recent Summer fête

  • Ambassade d’ Allemagne
  • Ambassade d’Autriche
  • Ambassade de Belgique
  • Ambassade d’ Estonie
  • Ambassade d’ Irelande
  • Ambassade de Finlande
  • Ambassade de Royaume-Uni
  • Ambassade de Roumanie
  • Auchan
  • Autocars Emile Frisch
  • Banque ING
  • Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
  • BCEE
  • BGL BNP Paribas
  • Bijouterie Kass-Jentgen
  • Casa de Vinos
  • Cora
  • Court of Justice
  • CSCE Rugby Luxembourg (Manuel de Mascarenhas Gaivao)
  • Dania Presents
  • Delta Cafés Luxemburgo
  • De Miwwel & Kichechef
  • Demy Schandeler
  • Famille Santos
  • Fischer SA
  • Ferrero
  • Finland store
  • Friskis & Svettis
  • Gilles Grethen (Golf de Luxembourg Golf Club)
  • La Provençale
  • Leon Marks (Golf de Luxembourg Golf Club)
  • Linster Bureautique
  • Luxemburger Wort
  • Mercure Hotels
  • McDonalds
  • Michael Phal (Golf de Luxembourg Golf Club)
  • Oberweis
  • Parc Hôtel
  • Pharmacie de Capellen
  • Pizza Hut Beggen
  • Pizza Hut Strassen
  • Pizza Hut Centre Ville
  • Post Group Luxembourg
  • Quick Hamburger
  • Raiffeisen
  • Reinking & Partner LLP (Jorg Reinking)
  • Ricoh Luxembourg
  • Sales- Lentz
  • Skiten
  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken S.A. ( Anna Lindelöw)
  • Sofitel
  • Sodexo
  • Stefania Brunetti
  • Superdreckskëcht
  • The Store S.à.r.l ( Sanna van Look-Peltonen)
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Timothy Millett
  • United Colours of Benetton
  • Utopolis
  • Villeroy & Boch
  • Voyages Ecker
  • Voyages Emile Weber
Peter Pomerantsev Diary : European Schools

On 5 July 1956, on the Boulevard de la Foire in Luxembourg, construction began on a school designed to create a new type of being. The mission statement, in Latin, was sealed in parchment and buried next to the foundation stone. In future myth attributed to the progenitor of the EU, Jean Monnet, it was actually written by Marcel Decombis, a member of his cabinet. In English it runs:

In this school building children from Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and from other countries which are interested in the construction of a unified Europe, will assemble from their early childhood to the time of their university … Educated side by side, untroubled from infancy by divisive prejudices, acquainted with all that is great and good in the different cultures, it will be borne in on them as they mature that they belong together. Without ceasing to look to their own lands with love and pride, they will become in mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.

To achieve this aim, 60 schools inspectors from six countries convened in Luxembourg to agree on a syllabus that would combine national traditions and enable university entrance anywhere: the French and Italians insisted on including philosophy; the Dutch on English; many countries wanted mandatory religious studies, which the French vehemently opposed, and so an ethics class was decided on as a compromise. Pupils would study most subjects in their own language, but would learn geography and history in a foreign language and from a foreign point of view. Just 12 years after the end of the Second World War, French children would be taught history in German from a German perspective – and vice versa. (This daring instance of Euro-idealism was, as Harry Van Lingen showed in his 2012 book on the European Schools, born from a practical concern: at the time of the school’s founding, there were no Dutch or Italian history or geography teachers available so Dutch and Italian students, along with those from other ‘smaller’ language groups, had to join the larger French or German classes; to make the system fair it was agreed that French and German speakers would also be taught these subjects in a foreign language.)  Read more…

Management Committee Elections 2016

Following our call for candidates to fill posts on the Management Committee of APEEE LUX 1 we have decided to extend the deadline for submission of candidatures to Thursday 12th May, 17.00. Only parents who were fully paid up members of the Association are eligible to submit their candidatures.

APEEE Lux 1 is building an ethos of working closely with the School to better represent parents’ and pupils’ interests. For that we need you!

Candidates should send their completed application forms (available at the link below) by email to (as a Word document)

There are many ways that you can help to make the School a better place for our children to learn in and the way with the most impact is to join the Management Committee of the Parents’ Association. This year there are 10 places on the Management Committee to be filled by way of volunteers and, if necessary, an election. Please read the attached document for more information on how to volunteer and the process for the election. You have until 12 May to get your nomination in to our office in the Primary building.

Appel Candidatures 2016

If you feel that you need more information before submitting your nomination then please contact the office – details on the right of this page.

Annual Report 2014-15
The Annual Report for the year 2014-15 was published on 29 February and is available for download here
School Fête - 11 June 2016
Fête de l'Ecole poster
Disco for S1-S2-S3 pupils on Friday 19 February in Lux2

The ASF (Actions sans Frontières), together with the Pupils’ Committee, teachers and other members of the School staff, parents and pupils involved in Mérite Jeunesse, will be the disco for S1, S2 and S3 pupils coming from the European Schools Lux1 and Lux2.

This disco will be held on Friday, 19 February 2016, in the Salle des Fêtes (Administration Building) in the European School Luxembourg II Mamer from 19:30 to 22:00.

The children will be able to buy tickets from members of the Pupils’ Committee during the week after carnival holidays. Tickets cost €7 each; drinks and snacks will be sold on site.

We would like to kindly remind that profits from this disco will be donated in full to the ASF. If you would like to know more about this Association and its activities,  you are invited to visit their website:

We also would like to ask you to ensure to pick up your children by 10pm at the very latest. There will be no supervision provided after this time.

This disco would not be possible without the help of volunteers, so in case any parents amongst you are available to help, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of this event by email:

||Clean school|| project - Projet ||Ecole propre|| - Projekt ||Saubere Schule||

Letter to the parents of pupils in the secondary school – Lettre aux parents des élèves de l’école secondaire – An de Eltern der Schüler in der Sekundarschule

Projet Ecole propre note aux parents

New school year - new Committe

With the end of the school year 2014/2015, some mandates of the members of APEEEL1 Management Committee expired.

This year, the call of interest attracted many new and motivated members ready to help us in our work.

And this is the list of new members:
ARTHUR Suzanne
MAI Annette

Welcome and goodluck!

See also: New APEEEL1 Management Committee 2015/2016

Thank you Monique Loos

Her son having passed his bac (congratulations!) Monique Loos is leaving the association after 15 years in the bureau.

President of APEEEL1 since 2012, we thank her for her commitment.

We wish her and her children the best in this next stage.



Elections 2015/2016

APEEE elections FrAPEEE Lux1 Mitteilung

If you:
– are concerned about the reform of the secondary school cycle;
– feel that the school canteen could be run better;
– think that the extra-curricular activities could be organised differently;
– want a stronger stance on the safety and wellbeing of students; or,
– are passionate about a range of other important issues,
you should think about standing for election to the APEEE management committee,
or vote for members that you think will work effectively on your behalf.

Who are we in the APEEE Lux1?

We are the Parents’ Association of the European School in Kirchberg.

What does APEEE Lux1 do?

The Association promotes the interests of students in the European School in Kirchberg by working in co-operation with the Director of the school, the school administration, teachers and students. The Association is a key partner in the decisions that affect the quality of the school experience for pupils and their parents. It provides a collective voice and draws on years of experience.

In what areas of school life does APEEE Lux1 get involved?

Among other things, the Association:
– channels views of parents on school policy to the Director/Board of the school;
– provides checks and balances as well as advice on issues ranging from the special needs of children to the quality of the school canteen, from discipline and bullying to SWALS;
– organises extracurricular activities, coordinates language exchanges and supports the organisation of school trips;
– provides social fund assistance;
– mediates between students and the school administration;
– helps raise funds for the school for certain equipment and materials; and
– organises discounts for some bulk purchases (like calculators).

Election rules 2014



Saturday 14thNovember 2015 – 10h00 – 12h00
Hall of the Administration Building (Mamer, Lux 2)

In anticipation of the upcoming ski season, and in particular, the P5 class trip to Zinal, we are pleased to again organise the market for buying and selling second-hand skiing equipment and clothing. All parents of Lux 1 and Lux 2 are welcome!

Preparation of the sale stands between 09:00 and 10:00:
o Clothing which is offered for sale should be clean and ski equipment should be in good condition.
o Each article must be clearly labelled with the selling price.
o Articles displayed in the Hall and offered for sale remain the responsibility of the parents.

On request, APEEEL1 and APEEEL2 members can supervise the sale of articles for those people who are unable to be present, on the understanding that the association accepts no responsibility for items which may be lost or stolen.
In that case each article must be clearly labelled with the name of the vendor and the selling price.

The sale will start at 10:00 and end at 12:00 exactly. Vendors are kindly requested to collect any unsold articles and other possessions and to leave the building by 12:30, when the building should be vacated.

We look forward to seeing you. Don’t miss out on this excellent

P.S.: We have even thought of light refreshments (coffee, tea, juice and croissants)!!



Samedi 14 Novembre 2015 – 10h00 – 12h00
Hall du bâtiment Administrative (Mamer, Lux 2)

Comme chaque année avant le Classe de neige de P5, nous organisons le marché pour la vente et l’achat d’équipements et de vêtements de ski d’occasion. Tous les parents de Lux 1 et Lux 2 sont bienvenus!

Preparation des stands pour la vente: de 09h00 à 10h00:
o Les vêtements proposés à la vente devront être propres et le matériel de ski en bon état.
o Chaque pièce devra porter une étiquette indiquant le prix demandé.
o Les articles seront déposés et vendus dans le hall sous la responsabilité des parents.

A votre demande, les membres de l’APEEEL1 et APEEEL2 pourront s’occuper de la vente pour ceux qui ne pourraient rester, toutefois il va de soi que nous ne pourrons être tenus responsables des articles perdus ou disparus. En ce cas chaque pièce  devra porter une étiquette indiquant le nom du vendeur et le prix demandé.

La vente débutera à 10h00 se terminant à 12h00 précises. Vous êtes priés de reprendre vos vêtements invendus au plus tard jusqu’à 12h30, heure à laquelle nous devrons quitter le hall.

Nous vous attendons nombreux, et vous souhaitons d’excellentes affaires!

P.S.: Nous avons même pensé aux rafraîchissements (du café, thé, jus et des croissants)!!

School fete 2015

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to be able to publish the programme for the school fete on Saturday 13th June 2015. The programme will also be available hardcopy on the day of the fete.

There will be a costume competition : Costume Competition

There are still some Tombola tickets left, so if you would like to buy some these are available in the Parent’s association office (C002 Primary building): Tombola.

Flea Market:
Would your children like to get rid of some toys or other items they are not using anymore?
Primary and Secondary pupils can do this at the School Fête by setting up their own selling space at our Flea Market. There is need to sign up for this in advance: selling spaces can be sent up in the morning from 8.30 am at a cost of 5€: 2.5€ of this fee will be reimbursed at the end of the day once the organisers have checked that the area has been properly cleaned and tidied up!

See you there!



Chers Parents,

Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir publier le programme pour la fete de l’école samedi 13 Juin 2015. Le programme sera disponible en forme dépliant le jour de la fête.

Il reste encore les billets pour la Tombola, si vous souhaitez en acheter ils sont disponibles au bureau de l’APEEEL (C002 bâtiment principal): voir affiche ci-jointe.

Marché aux puces
Vos enfants veulent se débarrasser de jouets avec lesquels ils ne jouent plus?
Les élèves du primaire et du secondaire pourront le faire le jour de la fête en participant au traditionnel marché aux puces. Pas d’inscription à l’avance, ils peuvent venir avec leurs affaires à vendre et s’installer le samedi matin à partir de 8h30. On leur demandera juste de s’acquitter de la somme de 5€ dont 2.5€ leur seront remboursés à la fin de la journée s’ils laissent l’endroit propre et rangé!

A samedi!


FAPEEEL - Extraordinary General Meeting concerning the modification of the statute

The Management Committee of the Federation of the Parents’ Associations of the European Schools in Luxembourg hereby invites you to attend, either in person or by proxy (maximum of 3 proxy votes per person), the Extraordinary General Meeting which will be held on:

THURSDAY 21 MAY 2015 at 19:00

in the Administrative Building of the LuxII European School

(6, rue Gaston Thorn L-8268 Bertrange)

Please note that only members of the FAPEEEL who have paid their subscription for the current year may attend and vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting*.

1. Opening remarks and adoption of the Agenda
2. Detailed presentation of the proposed amendments to the FAPEEEL statute
3. Clarification questions and open discussion
4. Vote(s)
5. Any other business

* Members of the one of the Associations of Parents of Pupils of the European Schools in Luxembourg (APEEEL1 or APEEEL2) are automatically members of FAPEEEL. Registration forms with bank transfer details are available on the website and by email at


Upcoming Events

  1. Summer holidays

    10 July - 4 September

Office Contacts

Office Secretary:  Claire Balloch


European School Lux 1
Primary Building
23 Blvd Konrad Adenauer

Phone: 432082422

Email Address:

Office hours:

Mon to Fri : 8:45 -12:30